Your company finally approved social media!…NOW WHAT?

Good job, you showed your boss the stats for why your company should use social media. And even better, they took your advice! Now what?

  • Facebook. Get a corporate/fan page to discuss events and conferences coming up; mention white-papers; highlight industry news. Facebook is more about spending lots of time, so make it something to really engage your followers.
  • Twitter. Same as above, but keep it short. Followers are looking for small bits of information and want to consume it all at once. If you can keep your tweet under 10 words, you’re golden.  There’s not a lot of room for your own advertising, so check out this article of how to brand your Twitter page.
  • LinkedIn. If there’s any social networking site meant for the business world, it’s LinkedIn. Just look at your profile, it’s your resume. You can create a company page discussing your events and publications. You can also join industry-related groups to discuss the latest trends. Or even better, you can start a group and position yourself as an industry leader!
  • YouTube. How-to videos are one of the most common themes people look for on YouTube. I learned how to design Android apps and play the guitar on YouTube. My mom learned needlepoint stitches on YouTube. Create “how-to” or information videos for your industry, and surely you will be seen as a leader.

Your options are endless. Just make sure you keep up with it so you don’t leave your followers hanging!


So your CEO and board still won’t allow social media…

You hear the same thing every day. “The board is afraid of what social media can lead to…” “the CEO thinks nobody in the industry uses social media.” How do you show them the light? Just show them the numbers.

  1. Seventeen percent of consumers’ PC time is spent on Facebook
  2. Time spent on social app (mobile) usage is up 76% over last year
  3. While 18-24 year olds spend the most time using social networks (11+ hours/month), 55-64 your olds still spend more than half that amount
  4. More than half of people aged 25-34 use social networking in the office
  5. Sixty-five percent of social activities is to learn more about brands/products/services
  6. If that doesn’t work, point out that almost every new person in the industry is younger than your CEO or board, and most likely even younger than you. Therefore, the industry is using social media.

(stats 1-5 are from the Nielsen Social Media Report, 2012)

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