Top-7 Ways Companies Can Use Social Media

So the VP of communications finally wants to get on the social media bus. Or maybe there’s a new intern who wants to push this social-thingiemajig. No matter what the case, small business or large, big budget or no budget, social media can work. And here are just a few ways to get started:

  1. Use the medium creatively. Create polls, contests, games…anything to keep people coming back to your page.
  2. Make your customers do all the work. Seriously. Give them a little bait, and let them tweet away about your new product, paper, conference, etc. People are more likely to listen to their friends than a company anyways, so you might as well encourage your followers to write on behalf of you.
  3. Do something that will go viral. OK, it’s hard to create a meme — not everyone can create the next LOLZ Cats or TextsFromHillary — but if you know your customers, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Start with a video, picture, or infographic, and let your followers take it from there.
  4. Toot your own horn. You’re great, and you want to make sure your followers know why you are so much better than everyone else.
  5. Integrate your marketing. Add your handles to your email and print pieces.
  6. Get your CEO involved. Customers enjoy feeling like they have access to powerful people, and your CEO tweeting is just one way to help.
  7. Just ask for “likes.” Mention it on your webpage or email; add a sign if you have a store; put it in a print piece. Besides, how will people know if you don’t tell them?

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